Off to Venice !

The children have packed and we are ready to depart for tomorrow’s five-day research adventure in Venice.  Our 8:50 AM Frecciargento train will have us in Venice at 12:30.  From Italy’s most unusual city we’ll report regularly on our best research discoveries — all of which we hope to share with you in your upcoming Travel Plans.

Carnival begins tomorrow, and we will feature some of the most engaging events — please mark 2011 calendars for next year’s Carnival events between February 25 and March 8 .  We will visit ciccheti bars for toothsome Venetian appetizers, lesser-sung neighborhoods for architecture and atmosphere, climb our single favorite Venetian tower (and not the obvious one !) for the best city view and explore at least one minor island.  We will take gondole of course, hunt for hundreds of lions, count the city’s bridges and refine further our own guide to A Children’s Venice.  We will also revisit some unique hotels that should feature within this year’s collection.

As ever of course we’ll take extensive notes on museums, stores, artisan boutiques and other discoveries.  The children plan to make their own Carnival masks and we will chronicle this for you.

Please join us over the next days.  We look forward to sharing with you our Venice !


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