A Vacation within a Vacation

The charming manager of one of our single favorite new hotels defines days spent here as a “vacation within a vacation”.

Last week we spent four days here, arriving without any expectations.

The location is central Umbria, about two hours north of Rome.

Our conclusion is that we can think of no other single Italian country inn where we would more want just to “be”.

While we undertook excursions to Gubbio and Assisi and Montefalco, and could just as easily have visited Spoleto and Perugia and Orvieto, we cut short our day trips so eager we were to return home. We could have gone a few kilometers away into Tuscany.  We could have gone a few kilometers away into Marche.

Not one of us wanted to.  We think that this inn will have the same effect on you.

A major recent renovation has been recently undertaken here, with great sensitivity to the historic 18th century villa itself.   Management and staff, who work seamlessly as a family, have an exceptional affection for and understanding of the grounds.  What has emerged is a luxury property that is something really quite out of this world.   That there are so few guests here — just eight rooms, plus two small private villas at a little distance off — make the intimacy of the place all the more exceptional.

Views from its hillside perch are of endless mountain ridges interspersed with layer upon layer of green, unsettled valleys.

We would come here as a parenthesis within a vacation.  Or for a birthday, or special celebration, or a honeymoon.   Taking over the whole villa would be wonderful.

The serenity here — and sense of balance — we cannot forget.  We cannot forget the absence of sound — besides bird song.

And from the children’s point of view, there is no place they have ever seen that is more  magical for hide and go seek among the lavenders, rosemary  and (they joined the game) alpacas.  There is no place better to watch fruit tarts being made, help to pick lemons, chase butterflies, wander safely and freely in the most beautiful imaginable Mediterranean garden.


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