Isabella and Dino

Italian cooking is at its most successful when direct, uncomplicated, free of artifice in taste or appearance. This is why we celebrate Slow Food — fine, seasonal, local, traditional ingredients, simple procedure and not too many flavors competing on the plate at one time.  Our ideal restaurant is probably family run, and directed with passion and humility.  The best restaurateurs in Italy today come from a strong regional or local tradition but are far from stuck in a centuries-old rut. They may or may not have high-tech kitchens.  They will have good wine cellars.  They will travel within Italy and study what others are doing.   And they will all experiment — but always within reason.

Dino and Isabella are typical of our favorites restaurateurs.  Their charming Venetian osteria is all the more a find because good food in Venice is often elusive.   Their families are the inspiration for much of the menu, which is primarily seafood and vegetable based, and with ingredients that are sourced with a near maniacal insistence on seasonality, regionality and freshness.  The olive oil is from nearby Garda, made by personal friends.  The house wines are of course from the Veneto.  Only sustainable, local seafood is prepared.  Dino and Isabella will talk with you nearly forever about your menu selection.  Isabella describes each dessert with tireless detail.   Their warmth and enthusiasm are real.

The food is very, very good.

While it would be a shame to miss some of our other Venetian restaurant favorites, we also understand when — as happens — clients dine here every night of the Venetian stay.


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  1. Shari Hansen

    My family and I will be in Venice on July 26 & 27. We are Slow Food members and are firm believers in small family farms and supporting local, sustainable food and culture. I work in the “food world” and am presently involved in the production of the Eat Real Festival in California- Isabella and Dino’s restaurant sounds like the perfect place for us to have dinner. May we make reservations or find out how to find them?

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