Late September Sagrantino in Umbria

Please consider one of the most delicious of all Italian wines, Sagrantino.

Sagrantino is an amazing Umbrian wine story with a remarkable number of quality producers — including big names Antonelli and Caprai — working in a very small area about two hours north of Rome.  Medium ruby, with cherry, plum and red currants and a delicate spicy twist, a good Sagrantino is finely textured on the palate, immensely enjoyable, and a splendid food wine.

Then — between September 17 and 19 – please consider all of Sagrantino’s commercial winemakers throwing open their doors, most for the only time during the course of the year, so that you can tour their vineyards, talk to the winemakers and, most of all, taste the wines in relaxed, congenial circumstances. Classical music concerts, countryside walks and other celebrations are also planned.

Please consider the golden autumn light, the proximity to splendid other locations like Assisi…

Bevagna, Todi, Perugia, Spoleto, Trevi and…


This is not a tourist event, by the way.  Nearly everyone who attends is Italian.

Peak summer crowds are gone.

The olive trees are full of fruit.

Please consider a few nights in one inn favorite which for Sagrantino celebrations has its nicest rooms available (about $225 double.) This handsome four-star, with its friendly family management, has the feeling of a private home, with antiques scattered around and very comfortable, thoughtfully appointed rooms and baths.   The hotel is surrounded by lovely gardens with remarkable cypress and other trees, with an olive grove just below the property. Excellent dining room, with one of Umbria’s most exciting regional wine lists.  The owners are serious cooks and equally serious enophiles.

If you would prefer a five-star, please tell us and we’ll book at our luxury favorite. The enjoyment of Umbrian food and wine are central to that inn’s philosophy too.

We’ll be in Umbria in late September, and hope to raise our glasses then with you.


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