“The American”

“The American”, just out, is the biggest box hit of the moment in North America.  Writes the New York Times : “Mr. Clooney… seems to appreciate the beauty of the scenery, human and otherwise.”  It is hard not to.  The visually arresting towns, intriguing views down medieval alleys and across beautiful cobblestoned squares and the sweeping vistas over tiled roofs, show a landscape that is dramatic and remarkable.

We’ve not seen the film, as it won’t be out in Rome for some time still.  But how well we know the region where the movie was shot (see our earlier posting

on the Abruzzo, just an hour from Rome.)  If your heart jumps up at the landscape and architecture beautifully captured in this film, just let us know.   We have a lovely hotel to introduce you to, sited a few miles from where “The American” was shot,  plus favorite itineraries for a region which is among the least discovered by…The Americans.


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