Autumn in Italy for Food Lovers

Italy-wide, October and November see a celebration of seasonal delicacies, a plethora of food festivals and the grape and olive harvest — plus the arrival of mushrooms and truffles.

Warm springs (ask us for details), too hot for the summer, are the perfect basking spot after an autumnal lunch of crostini with black tartufo and fettuccine with funghi porcini.

They are special spots to dip your toes into too.

The vineyards are tinted gold.

Restaurants are lighting their fireplaces by evening.  By day though you are lunching outside. Is there any better time of year to be eating in Italy ?

L’estate di San Martino, Indian Summer, often lasts into late November.  Hotels and inns usually keep their pools open till early October and many of our villas will heat their pools for those visiting in the autumn.

In central and southern Italy we swim and wade well into October…

Pack a picnic — we’ll tell you the best sources, and your picnic can be all autumnal delicacies — and head off to our favorite picnic spots.  This is one.  May we share with you the location ?

We look forward to celebrating autumn in Italy with you soon.


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