Filiera Corta

One of the words we hear most often — in reference to Slow Food restaurants and to consumer food shopping habits — is ” filiera corta”. Translated literally this means “short distribution chain” and expresses the closeness between the producer and the consumer of goods. Many of the restaurants reviewed in your Travel Plans follow the philosophy of “filiera corta”, sourcing their olives oil or vegetables or flour or fish directly from the people who produce them.

Insider’s Italy is  “filiera corta “.  We never third-party source what we do.   My husband Robert and I make every hotel reservation for you at our Insider’s Italy inns, hotels and agriturismi, and book by room number (almost always) directly with owners and managers.

We personally reserve every docent-led tour for you, either speaking directly with the guide/art historian or personally with the not-for -profit organization that schedules guides’ time.

Every word we write in your Plans is ours’ — and every museum, pizza bianca, driving route, picnic spot, artisan store and hotel we describe is one we have personally experienced and documented.

We personally call cooking teachers, drivers, vineyard owners, cheesemakers — and book directly for you.

We write your Travel Plans ourselves.   That our work is described as so personalized and detail-oriented is not by chance.  All travelers receive our full, undivided attention.

We listen carefully — which in a time pressed world is unusual.  And perhaps the fact that it is always us you will speak to, and hear from, is the ultimate “filiera corta”.


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