Indian Summer

Lots of you are buying frequent flier award tickets now — these often go on sale one year before travel date.

“Where to go ?” you ask us.

“Where can I swim (in the warmest waters of the year) ?”

“Be free of crowds ?”

“Enjoy seasonal foods (figs, grapes, first press wines, chestnuts, mushrooms) ?”

“And mix days of leisure (walking, sea, reading) with…

archeology and architecture (Paestum, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabiae), without the crowds ? ”

With Naples — one of the Italy’s most remarkable cities — just a boat trip away ?

Look out please for our weekend posting on four perfect Indian Summer days on the Amalfi coast.

We will introduce you to the special people whom we met..

And the experiences that we had, and we think that you would love too.

As you always do, you travelled with us — we thought all the time of our friends and clients as we explored, documented, sampled and considered.

It is not too late to plan Indian Summer travels for this year — temperate weather seems settled through month’s end.  But do think now about this season next year.


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