Regions to Explore : Le Marche

On 10 Oct 2010, at 23:59, Cindy wrote:


Several years ago we took a tour with another family through the Tuscan region of Italy. I believe at that time they/we used your services.  My husband and I are interested in the ‘Le Marche” region of Italy and wondering what experiences, if any, you’ve had in that part of the country.




October 11, 2010

Dear Cindy,

How wonderful to hear from you again !

We do indeed have three lovely bases for you for Marche, the first, on a country estate, a family-owned four star inn, and ideal for a week easily and

well suited for much of the region, plus two city bases, each one suited for two days or so.

Please consider combining Marche with the Abruzzo — another region that is as off the beaten tourist track as it is interesting as it is beautiful.

Would it be best to complete our travel planning survey ?  You will find it at We shall get right back to you with detailed ideas.

Our blog may have some thoughts for you too (   We’ve recently spent extended research time in both regions.

Warm regards


Please visit our new blog :

Marjorie Shaw’s Insider’s Italy
Customized Travel Planning for Italy


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