From the Field, This Morning

8:30 AM.  I am phoning my biodynamic, organic farmer who delivers to me once a week his vegetables, grown an hour away from Rome on Lake Bracciano.
Massimo (with sound of birds all around him) : Pronto ?  Ah Marjorie hello.   I’m in the fields.  What would you like ?
Me : What do you have ?
Massimo : Everything.
Me : Wonderful !
Massimo : Why don’t you send me an SMS (sound of Massimo leaning over and pulling something out of the ground, possibly a carrot.) I will read it and pick right away.   The Swiss Chard looks superb.  I am walking over to it.  Would you like some ?
Me :  Of course.
Massimo : One kilo ?
Me : Two kilos.
Massimo (again sound of pulling something out of ground) : See you at 3:00.
Me : Benissimo !  Ciao !
3:00 PM: pick up

3:30 PM: home
Massimo (Orto dei Terzi)

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