One of the most compelling reasons to visit Italy is to observe and enjoy the continuity of life.

The gladiator at the Colosseum whose profile and sturdy body type is mirrored in a sculpture of an ancient Roman general at the nearby Capitoline Museum.

The casual way that Italians use their antiquities.  Italy wide,  ancient theaters, forums and amphitheaters are thrown open each summer for musical, dramatic and theatrical performances.  One of our favorite places to attend such an event is an Etruscan amphitheater.   Just ask us for the details.

Here an Insider’s Italy baby sleeps in her car seat among 5th century BC columns.

Our clients picnic in 2nd century Roman villas — here flowers are being given to Sabina before this child settles down to lunch.

They enter the mouths of 17th century monsters – and come out happily.

While we north Americans are so focused on the present, one of the joys of visiting Italy is to immerse oneself, with so little effort and such great rewards, into a period that is normally not our own.


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