Week of Culture

From April 9th through 17th, every national museum Italy wide is free.   National museums are already free for European citizens under the age of 18 or 65 or over. But this delightful week — when we see that many of you will be here — is a unique opportunity to save, for a family, several hundred dollars if you are planning two museums a day, as museum-lovers often like to do.

And what museums Italy provides up and down the peninsula ! In the course of this extraordinary week there are 2800 special openings, new exhibitions, concerts, guided visits, kids’ workshops and other planned events which celebrate the cultural and artistic cornucopia represented by Italy’s heritage.   Such variety across the 20 regions !

Among our favorites is Rome’s National Museum of the Pasta.

By April, spring will be well advanced.  What a joy to be outside and exploring, at no cost, Herculaneum !

Ostia Antica !

Villa Lante !

Paestum !

The Forum ! One special site not to miss here is the newly restored House of the Vestal Virgins, which will open again after an extensive restoration on April 9.

And Palazzo Massimo.


Ravenna’s Museo Arcivescovile

And on and on the list will go.  We will be in Verona during those days, exploring at least six museums in and around town.  Many of Italy’s national collections can be visited with our outstanding guides (here Nathan Louis is on a private Children’s Tour of the Coliseum) but we always provide our own materials — with an Insider’s perspective — for every museum we recommend.

Come join us !


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