Marjorie Shaw, founder Insider's Italy

Marjorie Shaw, founder Insider's Italy


Insider’s Italy is North America’s most authoritative resource for Italy-bound travelers. We began our firm in 1988 when we recognized that conventional travel information sources—guide books and travel agents—do not meet the needs of discerning visitors to Italy. We provide up-to-the-minute data unavailable elsewhere, and specialized assistance with itinerary planning, accommodation bookings, transportation planning and all nature of good food and wine.

Our clients have a common desire for a deeper travel experience than the usual tourist itinerary.  Travelers turn to us for insightful and comprehensive planning that is tailored to their particular expectations and situations.

Honeymooners use Insider’s Italy, as do intergenerational families celebrating special events.  So do busy professional couples that love Italy but have no time to dedicate to their own planning.  Clients overwhelmed with the resources of the Internet are delighted to turn planning over to us.   And each year we book dozens of hand picked villas that we know inside out, and in locations that we know equally well.

Insider’s Italy operates on the premise of personal service.  We are not formulaic in dealing with our clients. We listen carefully and unhurriedly to each traveler and offer substantial personal attention during every phase of our travel planning.

Most of our travelers are repeat clients.  We do not advertise but operate exclusively on word of mouth.

We are unique in that we live in Italy.  Much of the year we spend on travels, and every one of our best discoveries will make its way into our clients’ travel plans.   Many of our travels occur with our two small children and my senior citizen mother.  This gives us a special understanding of child-focused as well as elder and family trips.

Please visit our web site, http://www.insidersitaly.com, for full details about our company, and to complete our no-obligation travel planning survey.   Or please write us directly at info@insidersitaly.com or call or leave us a message on 914-470-1612.   It would be our pleasure to work with you.

Enjoy too the Insider’s Blog.  Please know that your comments will delight us — and are always most welcome.

With this Blog, we hope to highlight many of our Italian travel adventures and discoveries, with a special emphasis on the kind of delights — including good eating and drinking — we hope you will enjoy during your own upcoming Italian visit.

Avanti !




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  1. Jake Tarr


    I cannot believe it!! Am so thrilled to see that you are still providing your Insider’s Italy travel service. 17 years ago you planned the ideal honeymoon for me and my wife Carrington!! We now have three children, 9, 7 and 7 and have the desire to travel to Italy this summer but have really dropped the ball in the planning phase and are concerned we cannot pull it off on our own. Then we remembered you, and voila, here you are!!

    When can we talk?


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